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Choosing The Best Coffee For You

Chances are coffee lovers who tried a variety of coffee beans before choosing their favorite, daily choice. Coffee beans come in all different types of varieties among acidity, flavors, aromas, color, and regionalism. By the end you'll have more insight into which coffee will suit your taste buds the best.

The region in which the beans were grown depends greatly on their overall taste, Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties are the most commercially grown beans for their unique flavors that sub variety coffee beans usually come from.

Arabica Coffee grows in colder temperatures and into two flat seeds or a peaberry. Their flavor is delicate and low in acidity but is costly due to the hard labor put into production. Coffee corporations like Starbucks and McDonald's sell Arabica coffee.

Robusta coffee grows in warmer temperatures, with oval shaped seeds, and inexpensive at cost. The Robusta taste is harsh, high in acidity, and caffeine levels.

Coffee brands like Folger's uses a blend of both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

The form and roast of your coffee also plays a huge part on how your coffee turns out.

Whole beans and ground coffee are the two forms of coffee beans to brew or press. Most people choose ground coffee because it's more efficient, although, ground coffee fails at freshness due to the coffee beans soiling too quickly.

Coffee is best freshly roasted and grinded up, which is why whole bean coffee is essential for a delicious cup of coffee.

There are four color types of roasts to roasting coffee beans; light roasts, medium roasts, medium dark roasts, and dark roasts. These four colors depend on your coffee's strength and caffeine levels.

The lighter the roast is, the lower it is in acidity, body and oil. Medium roasts are more common in America due to that in between strong and light flavor but still lack oils. Darker roasts are most popular in Europe because they are rich in oil their flavor is full bodied with very low acidity.

Drinking coffee is not just about getting caffeinated, knowing your beverage and controlling what you drink is essential for a better cup of coffee every morning.

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