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Purely Coffee Breaks in the New Year

Happy New Year from Purely Coffee!

This year, One Ounce Cafe & Roasters has officially entered the market becoming Purely Coffee, LLC.

The progress made in 2019 flourished Purely Coffee for this year. In addition, to creating a blog, we entered the social media realm, changed our name and became an LLC in the State of California.

Founder of Purely Coffee LLC, Lorenzo Keeton and the team, are working on bringing you our latest ideas year round.

When asked about the name change of the business, Keeton commented as, "I changed the name of the business so I could have complete ownership".

He also added, "One Ounce Cafe and Roasters will still be happening, just at a later date than expected".

Purely Coffee is in the process of developing merch to be sold, only in the U.S., by the first quarter of this year.

Along with merch, we are working on our first product and will be active on publishing content via Instagram

We are currently looking for artist ambassadors and models!

Send your portfolios to

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