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The Environment Vs. Coffee

It’s no secret that most of us like to start our day with a strong cup of coffee to refresh and energize us. To enjoy it, we usually have a variety of mugs to choose from when at home or the office, but when out on the road, we end up getting our dose of caffeine from a nearby shop in a paper or plastic cup.

Have you ever thought about the impact of your favorite drink on the environment and our planet while holding a polyethylene-coated cup in your hands? Perhaps not!

The Impact Of Disposable Coffee Cups, Lids & Straws

So, how bad is coffee? In simple words, the impact is negative and immense. The disposable coffee cups are made of paper material, but they are lined with a type of plastic called polyethylene to keep the coffee warm. This particular type of plastic prevents the cup from being recycled. The same is the case with plastic straws and lids of coffee cups. All these products are thrown away after use, affecting and polluting the land, water system and ultimately disturbing our ecosystem.

It is estimated that we use 16 million disposable coffee cups each year. According to another report published by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050.

But That Is Not It

It is not only about 16 million disposable coffee cups that harm the environment; there is a bigger issue which is the cutting of trees. We know very well that paper comes from trees, so if we keep making and wasting disposable paper-made items at such a large scale, it would not be wrong to say that we will be devoid of trees soon. Statistically speaking, 16 million disposable cups mean 6.5 million cut-down trees.

In addition to this, coffee’s another negative impact on the environment is water depletion. 4-million-gallon water is consumed annually so we can get a kick in the morning. Coffee people may feel bad after knowing this, but if you are an everyday coffee drinker, you are utilizing 259 gallons of water a week for your one cup of coffee. In a world where many people don’t get enough water to drink, we need to look for ways to save it for others.

But It's Not Too Late To Change Things

To save the environment from negative effects of coffee that will eventually harm our physical and mental health, here is a piece of friendly advice to act upon. Coffee and environment can go hand in hand. Carry your own coffee mugs to the office or at the workplace, or make use of reusable cups and straws. You can save big with this little effort of yours.

Why Switch To Reusable Coffee Cups And Straws?

Undoubtedly, switching to reusable cups and straws is the best workable alternative for your takeaway coffee. It not only reduces the amount of paper and plastic waste in the shape of disposable coffee cups, lids and straws but also helps resolve many health issues that generate due to plastic products.

Furthermore, reusable coffee cups and straws can be used daily, and you can easily wash them in your dishwasher.

In short, we need to play our part in making our environment and living green by switching to reusable cups and straws.

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