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The Origins of Latte Art

Latte art is the finishing touch to the perfect cup of espresso. For espresso lovers, latte art is essential but for those that don't get the hype of this mainstream method, here is everything you need to know about latte art.

Espresso coffee is the Italian method used by the machine in which near-boiling water is infused under pressure into fine ground coffee beans. Espressos can be stronger is taste due to high concentrated caffeine levels.

Espresso coffee has become extremely mainstream in the 21st-century American culture, due to our great love for caffeine and the beautiful creations baristas have made to add style to beverages.

For Italy, espressos and latte art have been around for decades and is nothing new to their culture but for the U.S. it changed coffee forever.

During the '80s, David Schomer, a world-renowned metrologist, brought American coffee lover's attention to latte art. Latte art flourished due to the quality of pleasure being seen and tasted, which impacted the culinary art of coffee that we know today.

Latte art is made of finely steamed milk, which is the act of forcing air into the milk while it's heating, its protein levels trap the air, leaving a frothy texture that's ready to serve.

Temperatures of 155 to 165 degrees are ideal for perfectly steamed milk which makes designing smoother and tastes delicious. Whole milk is normally used in cafes but nondairy substitutes like almond and oat can be steamed as well.

The actual cup you are using is crucial for the espresso to sustain its temperature and reduce air exposure coming into the froth.

Demitasse cups are used for espressos which are wide at the rim and narrow at the bottom. The correct etiquette of beverage to cup ratio is important for presentation and appropriation to the Culinary Arts of Coffee.

Pouring the milk takes practice, patience, and experience. When pouring, the Demitasse cup must be angled consistently. Starting from a height above the cup to slowly working your way down to the base and begin designing.

Concentration and the right ingredients give you a perfect cup of latte art.

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