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Why You Should Consider Organic Coffee Beans

Coffee is the number one source of energy boost Americans drink on a daily basis but most don't know exactly what they're drinking and spending money on.

The majority of Americans drink coffee from famous labels such as Starbucks, Folgers, or Peet‘s for their unique flavors, but do consumers know the process of where their coffee beans come from?

Corporate coffee brands harm the environment in more ways than one, especially those that don’t even offer organic products.

Organic coffee beans have been in the market for years which has changed the stigma of being clueless towards what one consumes.

Since coffee is consumed more than once daily, the consistency of pesticides in it can damage your nervous and reproductive system.

Organic coffee has health benefits containing to increasing the metabolism and help with weight loss.

Nutritionally, organic coffee beans have vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Environmentally, non organic coffee beans are grown in deforested areas which harms the ecosystems that were already there.

When growing organic coffee, earth friendly fertilizers and pesticides are used, which makes the flavor of your coffee even richer compared to the chemically infused coffee beans most coffee drinkers consume.

Organic coffee beans are grown under the shade of the forests to help avoid bothering the species around the crops.

The process of growing organic coffee beans are labeled as “bird-friendly” coffee beans.

As for the soil, non organic coffee beans leave their chemicals after they are harvested but with organic coffee beans, the crops don’t leave any chemicals behind and won’t give any to the next crops after that.

As for Farmers, those that grow organic coffee beans are compensated and helped by cooperative members in the coffee world to be able to grow these crops as they are more expensive to grow.

Huge coffee corporations spend less money to make more unhealthy coffee beans faster for their consumers but those that make organic coffee beans take time to ensure you know exactly what you’re drinking and how it was produced from the ground up.

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