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Purely Coffee is Purely Environmentally Friendly

Purely Coffee has always held an importance to using compostable waste, to recycle, and reduce carbon footprint, which is why we do business with environmentally friendly organizations and companies. Purely Coffee’s Merch Box was available for purchase on our website.

(above) Purely Coffee Merch Box by Lorenzo Keeton Besides the fact that this Merch Box has everything coffee lovers need, the packaging and delivery system we acquired is superb, being environmentally conscious within every detail. In fact, Purely Coffee is in business with a company and an organization that helps the environment in a massive way.

The organization we work with to package all of our kits is, this organization’s mission is to increase the usage of compostable biodegradable packaging in ecommerce and to decrease unmanageable waste landfills by recycling. All offers by EcoEnclose are completely earth-friendly according to their “Sustainable Packaging Criteria.”

This organization uses recycled paper and plastics to make the packaging, which means they do not use bioplastic virgin content. The items we use from are the recycled shipping boxes, the water activated tape, and the corrugated bubble void fill.

(below)’s Upcycled Corrugated bubble void fill

Purely Coffee’s involvement in protecting and supporting the environment does not stop at our packaging, in order to reduce carbon footprint while shipping our products across the country, we decided to work with Sendle has many attributes, such as being a certified B corporation and is the first carbon neutral shipping service in America, which means their shipping service produces faint carbon emissions compared to fossil fuels. Having a carbon neutral shipping service is very important for Purely Coffee LLC since one of our missions is to protect the earth as naturally as possible.

Compostable Biodegradable Packaging:

(Above) Up close of merch boxes

When material is reused, people tend to dub it as weaker or easier to damage but in reality this recycled material is sturdy, thick, and ecological enough to trust. The water adhesive tape has to be my favorite product because it sticks by using water which is environmentally safe and affordable. The upcycled void fill is beautiful and tucks in all your items safely. Purely Coffee makes room for exponential and continuous growth in supporting and protecting the environment as much as we possibly can as an ecommerce and advocate.

(above) Purely Coffee Stamps

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