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What is Cold Brew Coffee?

It's cold; it's coffee, and it's delicious; yes, we are talking about the heavenly Cold Brew Coffee. What is cold brew coffee, and why is everyone going gaga over it? After all, it’s just a coffee with some ice.

Well, any coffee lover can tell you that Cold Brew Coffee is not just any ordinary drink. It is a luxury everyone deserves. Let’s learn everything about this excellent coffee to make your summers more fun-filled and extra chilled.

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

The specialty of this coffee is that it is prepared without using any heat, and the ratio of coffee to water is also higher than ordinary coffee, making it rich and stronger.

Although this drink is perfect for making you wide awake on lazy mornings as it’s caffeine high, it is less acidic and less bitter at the same time.

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold-brew coffee, unlike regular coffee, demands time to extract the richness of coffee instead of high temperatures. The flavors and sweetness are extracted from the coffee beans through 4 to 24 hours long steeping procedures.

The procedure is simple:

  • Steep ground coffee at room temperature in cold water for an extended period.

  • Later, filter out the ground coffee leaving behind all the residue.

Don’t have time to soak coffee every night for better results, so how long does cold brew last? Well, the prepared brew can be stored in the refrigerator for 15 days. Super convenient! Right?

How Much Caffeine in Cold Brew?

Does cold brew have more caffeine? Whether you prepare your cup of cold brew at home, buy on-the-go from the market, or a renowned coffee shop., the caffeine concentration varies, but the level is sure to be higher than standard coffee.

An average cup of 16 ounces contains 200mg of caffeine, and the cold brew ratio goes between 1:4 to 1:8, which is quite high compared to 1:15 of drip coffee. This concentration is typically balanced by using water and creamer.

Influencing Factors

This difference arises due to certain factors such as:

  • Size of the cups

  • Type of coffee beans used

  • Amount of ratio kept for coffee and water

  • Brewing time, the longer you brew, the stronger the results

  • The more finely ground, the better the caffeine concentration is

The Reason For Its Widespread Popularity

There are various reasons why this summer-friendly drink is gaining popularity lately. Here we discuss a few for you:

  • Taste

The cold brew does not strip the coffee of its bitter elements as the steeping process allows the richness of coffee to dissolve in water gracefully. This allows the coffee to retain its sweetness, making it a perfect summer coffee to chill your evenings and mornings alike.

  • Convenient

Cold brew coffee is easy to make, even at home, without any major equipment. It's a one-day process after which you can store and use your drink without any hustle, even when you are running late.

  • Less Acidic

Its cautious brewing procedure makes it safe for people to digest it. This coffee is 65% less acidic than other coffees, so if you are a coffee lover but do not have a strong stomach, this should be your escape.

In short, cold brew has so much to offer. So, why not enrich our summers with this amazingly pleasant drink?

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